Grüner Rosenkohl: So healthy is the cabbage!

Hate and love for the rosary: ​​When vegetables polarize
The spirits divide the rosary. While some love his taste, he awakens other unpleasant childhood memories. The vegetables have its advantages and can, with refined, also convince many Rosenkohlmuffel.
Tastes good, doing well. Picture: Brent Hofacker - fotolia

The pure taste comes best when the florets are blanched briefly, then simmered in butter and seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Very delicious is a Rosenkohlpüre with fresh cheese and Sesamkartoffeln or a warm Rosenkohlsalat with walnuts and Cranberries. In the pasta, the vegetables can be combined very well with parsley pesto and capers. Also in a creamy soup of rosé or in a sharp curry you can discover another side of the rosary. Before the preparation, the vegetables are washed and the stalks are cut in a cross-wise way so that they can evenly pass through. In general spices such as caraway, aniseed or fennel rosaceous kohl become more digestible, while a pinch of sugar or some broth in the boiling water mitigate the severe cabbage taste.

Rosenkohl is also called "Brussels Kohl", since it was bred in the area of ​​Brussels in Belgium. It was not until the 19th century that he came to Germany. The florets are formed as compact, walnut-sized buds in the leafy stems. Compared to other varieties of cabbage, rosaceous is somewhat more nutritious, since it has a higher proportion of fat, protein and sugar. In addition to dietary fiber, he can also score many other positive ingredients: folic acid, vitamin C and B1( thiamine), magnesium and potassium. Only 36 kilocalories are contained per 100 g.

Until March, the Rosenkohl season. Only after the frost does the full aroma develop. Then the florets are not only finer and sweeter, but also easier to digest. When shopping, solid and closed heads are the best choice. They should be light to dark green and free of wilting leaves. Fresh rosé cabbage can be stored in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator for a few days. Heike Kreutz, bzfe

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