Vegetarian diet for overweight is extremely effective

Risk of Consequences Decreases

Heavily obese people often suffer from chronic inflammation. This in turn favors the development of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer. A predominantly plant-based diet can counteract such inflammatory processes, a study by the German Institute for Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke( DIfE) has revealed.

Scientists have systematically evaluated 29 works from the past seven decades. A total of 2,700 people between the ages of 28 and 68 were involved, most of whom were overweight. In some studies, the subjects were randomly divided into two groups. Group A should be mainly vegetarian with a lot of fruit, vegetables, cereals and legumes. But it could also be small amounts of meat, eggs, dairy products and fish on the menu. Group B followed a control diet. After half the study period, the groups were changed. Before and after the "treatment," the doctors examined the blood for various markers of inflammation.

If you want to lose weight, you often get the advice to stop eating after 6 pm. Does abstaining from dinner really help with weight loss?(Image: Anyone who wants to lose weight often gets the advice to stop eating after 6 pm. Does abstaining from dinner really help with weight loss?(Image:

The body's own fat, especially in the abdomen and internal organs, has an increased metabolic activity. It releases so-called adipokines. Some of these signal molecules promote inflammatory processes and thus increase the risk of secondary diseases. The evaluation of the data has shown that a plant-stressed diet in overweight can significantly improve the inflammatory profile. Compared to the control diet, the levels of the inflammatory marker C-reactive protein( CRP) decreased by an average of 0.55 mg / l and those of interleukin-6 by 0.25 ng / l.

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There is still no well-founded explanation for this positive influence. The effect is most likely not due to individual foods or nutrients, but to the complex nutritional pattern. A loss of weight due to the plant-based diet can also reduce inflammatory processes in the body. Heike Kreutz, aid

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