You can die from this kind of sleep

Deadly Secondary Sleep
German Schlafforscher warn you about the second sleep while driving. The cost, according to them, is twice as many people's life as alcohol at the wheel.

One in four sleeps while driving

The German Traffic Safety Council( DVR) found out that one in four drivers and one in four drivers already fell asleep at least once during driving.

Sleeping at the wheel often ends in the graveyard, even twice as often as driving.(German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine( DGSM)) says: "Scientific studies suggest that on German roads more than twice as many people have died as a result of second sleepingTax as a result of alcohol at the wheel. "

What situations promote sleep at the wheel?

Weeß explains: "This includes the duration of insomnia, the time of day and the situation. For example, the probability of a second sleep after a night of sleep, in the early morning hours between four and seven, and in monotonous situations such as on the highway is particularly high. "

Risk Insomnia

Insomnia increases the risk of falling in seconds. The probability of just four hours of sleep is 4.3 times higher than after seven or more hours, while it is even 11.5 times higher for less than 4 hours.

Like alcohol

The doctor Prof. Dr. Maritta Orth says: "Drowsiness is similar to alcohol when driving. As early as 17 hours without sleep, the reactivity affects like 0.5 per milliliters of alcohol in the blood, and 22 hours without sleep have the same effect as 1.0 per milliliter of alcohol. "Is a sleepless person more endangered than someone who suffers from alcoholism?

sleep disturbances affect the cruising quality

Not only seconds sleep is a risk, even sleeping disturbances disturb an attentive driving. Thus Alfred Wiater of the DGSM emphasizes: "Regular sleep deficiency can lead to an increased risk of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, to mental disorders and a drop in performance and concentration capacity. The latter affects above all the car driving. "

Why is sleepiness when driving dangerous?

Anne-Sophie Börries from the DVR says what tiredness means when driving. This includes, among other things, a lack of concentration: "drowsiness negatively influences the perception of danger, the ability to react, and the ability to concentrate so that the current speed, distances traveled and future distances can be misjudged."

How is Sleeping?

The main causes of second sleep are sleep disorders, insomnia and sleep deficit.

Other factors? We also have other causes: "But also physical illnesses, drug effects, climatic conditions, the distance, the time of day, the day of the week, and the equipment of the vehicle must be taken into account as additional factors in the development of fatigue at the wheel."


Nearly 20% of approved medications also interfere with performance by slowing performance and causing fatigue.

Weeß says: "On the basis of expert opinions and careful scientific estimates, we can assume that many traffic accidents take place with the participation of medicines, particularly psychopharmaceuticals."( Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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