Hundespeichel: A sensible remedy or a health hazard?

Hurting saliva?
dog antiseptic acts as an antibacterial, but can also transmit pathogens. Since the Middle Ages it has been regarded as a healing one in Europe. This is probably due to the observation that the dog licks his wounds and infected body parts in humans.
Dogs can transmit with their saliva pathogen.(Picture: Andrea Izzotti /

Unclean saliva?
In Islam, however, the dog pile is considered unclean. So Mohammed said, "Cleaning a bowl after a dog has licked it is washing it seven times, the first time with it."

What does science say?
The veterinarian B.L.Hart and K.L.Powell from California occupied in the early 20th century: the saliva of dogs prevents infection with certain bacteria because it dilutes them in the wound and the dogs lick them out.

Antibacterial substances
dog peg dilutes the bacteria but not only. The Swiss veterinarian bacteriologist Jörg Jores says: "The saliva contains lysozyme, which attacks certain bacteria such as staphylococci and streptococci. In addition, we find immunoglobulins, ie antibodies that play an important role in the defense against pathogens. "

Bacteria in saliva
The saliva does not only fight bacteria, it also contains innumerable, and some of them can harm human beings."
Food, Environment, Diseases
Bacteria enter the saliva of the dog through the food, the environment, and the diseases,"

dogs are often disease transporters
Most of these bacteria are harmless to humans, but not all of them. The bacteriologist says: "As the dog deals with his body care, the body parts licked by others, one can find temporary bacteria like E. coli in the saliva."

Rabies is one of the worst plagues that evolution has produced. Above all the infection of humans with rabies is a problem, which infected an infected dog with its saliva. Humans are usually infected by animal bites, mostly from canids like dogs, jackals, wolves and foxes.

Not the bite infects
A bite infects with high probability, because so saliva, which contains the virus, comes into the wound. Among the parasites, the Tollutvirus is one of the most sophisticated: it triggers a snarl of the animal and thus provides for its own distribution however. The problem is not the bite, but the body fluid of the infected animal( or humans).

Rabies Warning in Islam?
Is the fear of the rabies widespread rabies in Mohammed's time a reason why dogpee is considered unclean in Islam? That is possible.

There is no danger in Germany
There is no danger in Germany because rabies is eradicated. In countries of Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe, however, you should not let any foreign dogs lick you.

Various sources of disease
Another reason for the impurity of dog food in Islam are the livelihoods of the animals: Dogs living in the Orient live mainly on the streets. They feed on waste and carrion. In this way, their saliva contains a lot of dangerous pathogens for humans.

Danger in Europe?
In Europe, a bacterium can be a problem in dog food, namely Capncytophaga canimorsus. Every fourth dog carries it in his mouth and can lick it over open wounds. This bacterium sometimes causes a blood poisoning.

Risk for Immune Weakness
There is a risk, however, only for people who generally suffer from a weak immune system.

Can my dog ​​kill me?
People with a healthy immune defense can easily be slaughtered by their dog. They should also refrain from letting a dog lick their wounds.(Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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