Lung cancer death rates in Germany increased again in women

More Cancer Neudiagnosen in Germany
According to a report published at the end of last year, the number of cancer diagnoses in Germany has almost doubled since 1970.At the same time, however, life expectancy with cancer has risen and the mortality has declined. This does not apply to all types of cancer, however. The lung cancer deaths among women are increasing dramatically. This is also shown by a recent study by an international team of scientists.

According to a new study, the overall mortality rate for cancer in the European Union( EU) is falling;in women but less strongly than in men. However, the lung cancer mortality rate among German women is increasing.(Image: Nonwarit /

Early detection should be optimized
As a study by researchers from Italy, Switzerland and the USA shows, the mortality rates for cancer in the European Union( EU) decrease overall, but in women less stronglythan in men, reports the news agency dpa.

In the EU, it is estimated that more than 1.3 million people die from the disease in 2017.However, the cancer deaths in the EU countries are very different, report the scientists in the journal "Annals of Oncology".

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According to the authors, policymakers should also optimize early detection across Europe, in addition to tobacco control.

Women's dysplasia is not as strong
Study director Carlo La Vecchia from the University of Milan explained that "fewer women than men will die from cancer."

However, cancer deaths are expected in men this yearis eight percent lower than in 2012, it drops significantly less for women in the period, with a drop of four percent.

This is explained by the researchers that smoking was different in both generations in different generations and that lung cancer in women is increasing.

The fact that in particular the late consequences of smoking are the cause for the fact that the number of deaths in women will rise in the future has already been shown in earlier investigations.

Lung cancer deaths among German women is rising
According to the current prognosis, lung cancer death rates among women in Germany in 2017 are up by almost nine percent compared to 2012, whereas in men it decreases to a similar degree.

Although breast cancer is currently the most common oncological cause of death in women in the EU, it is likely to be the second place behind lung cancer this year.

"The prognosticated sustained increase in mortality rates among women with lung and pancreatic cancer underlines the need for effective tobacco control for women in Europe," said co-author Fabio Levi of the University of Lausanne.

According to the scientists, scientists expect a total of 275,700 people in the EU to die from lung cancer this year. This corresponds to a share of 20 per cent of all expected crustaceans.

Four million cancer deaths avoided
However, the experts also see encouraging signs. For example, the mortality rates in cervical, prostate, breast, stomach and colon cancer as well as leukemia will decrease.

The fact that the trend is different not only in lung cancer, but also in the disease of the pancreas is due to the fact that there is little progress in the detection, treatment and prevention of pancreatic cancer.

According to a report from "MedcialXpress", Professor Carlo La Vecchia emphasized the positive development of the last decades. He said, "The fact that we have managed to avoid over four million cancer deaths over the past thirty years demonstrates the effectiveness of strategies to prevent and recognize cancer and treat it when it arises."

Diseases often avoidable
About a third of all cancer cases are considered to be preventable worldwide. The cancer risk can be significantly reduced. When it comes to cancer prevention, the fight against smoking is mentioned above all.

"At present more than 72,000 cancer cases are attributable to smoking in Germany every year. Not only for lung cancer, but also for tumors in the throat, throat, esophagus, intestine or lower urinary tract, "said the Center for Cancer Registry Data at the Robert Koch Institute( RKI) last yearWebsite."Even stomach, kidney or pancreas can be affected", it says there further.

Other ways to reduce personal cancer risk are to move regularly, to pay attention to healthy eating, to avoid being overweight, and to restrict alcohol consumption.(ad)

cancer deaths in the EU - More women in Germany are dying of lung cancer
Life expectancy with cancer has risen across Europe in recent years. In addition, millions of deaths can be prevented through early detection and better therapies. However, despite the fact that the overall mortality rate falls, experts are alerted about individual types of cancer: worries are particularly the lung cancer cases in women.

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