High cancer risk: health warning before the slimy "Slimix"

The State Examination Office( LUA) Rheinland-Pflaz warns against the slimming product "Slimix - Green coffee bean extract", which is offered on the Internet. The capsules contain the two harmful substances sibutramine and phenolphthalein.

Sibutramine can cause serious side effects such as high blood pressure and acute heart disease. The simultaneous use of psychotropic drugs threatens dangerous interactions. Deaths are also known. Phenolphthalein has a laxative effect and is intended to fool you with a quick weight loss. It was banned many years ago due to suspected carcinogenic side effects.

slimming products often promise miracles, but usually only help a little. In addition, some of these diet pills or powders contain harmful substances. There were even deaths.(Photo: BillionPhotos.com/fotolia.com)

The two substances were contained in very different amounts in capsules currently seized by Customs and analyzed by LUA, suggesting highly questionable production conditions.

The information on the packaging is deceptive: The basis of the product is the "extract of green coffee beans", it is a "healthy formula for weight loss", it is in English.

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  • In fact, "Slimix" is not a harmless natural product, but legally a non-approved drug that must not be sold in Germany so. The trade in such slimming capsules is a criminal offense under the Medicines Act, punishable by a fine or a fine.

    The LUA advises consumers in principle from ordering slimming products on the Internet, because "Slimix" is just one of many dangerous products. An overview of all means in which the LUA has proven dangerous substances in recent years can be found here.

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