Court: No free potency for police officers

Federal Administrative Court: Health Care for Responsibility
( jur).Police officers can not receive any cost reimbursement from the state "free health care" for potency agents. At least in North Rhine-Westphalia, the state regulations stipulate that the health care service serves only the preservation or restoration of the police service, which does not belong to the preservation of the potency capacity, judged the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig( Az.: 5 C 32.15).

In the case of free health care, civil servants, in particular policemen, are fully reimbursed. This shall take precedence over the right to the granting of aid. Unlike aid, family members can not benefit from the health care.

No potency for police officers. Image: Gerhard Seybert - fotolia No potency for police officers. Image: Gerhard Seybert - fotolia

In the now decided case, a criminal chief of the Free Health Service had demanded the costs for the potency "Cialis".The doctor had given him the medicine because of illness-related potency disorders, the so-called erectile dysfunction.

However, the application for the cost of EUR 323.89 was rejected.

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Rightly as the federal administrative court judged. In accordance with the provisions of national law, medical care is only applicable to "expenses for the maintenance or restoration of the police service".However, the potency "Cialis" is not necessary for the maintenance of the police service.

This also does not violate the constitutional duty of the employer. A complete reimbursement of any expenses in cases of illness is not required. The caretaker must ensure that "in the case of illness, the official is not burdened with financial costs which he can not cope with by regular rule-taking and reasonable self-care," the Federal Administrative Court states.

The plaintiff is also not unduly burdened with the small expenses for the potency. According to North Rhine-Westphalian provincial law, the official can also try to reimburse the costs of the aid.(fb / mwo)

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