Twitter homeopathy shitstorm at the technician's office started

The use of homeopathy is still split by the ghosts. Although many people use homeopathic remedies, their effect remains doubtful and critics see here only an effect on placebo. However, some health insurance companies assume the cost of homeopathic remedies, such as the technicians' health insurance fund. Critical demands should be allowed here. However, responding to such a demand via Twitter, the TK has now provided a massive shitstorm.

The technician health insurance company is currently experiencing a violent shitstorm because of a tweets about homeopathy.(Picture: MarenWinter /

Question about the effectiveness of homeopathy
The question, which a user at Twitter directed to the TK, does not only seem justified, but a well-founded answer would also wish many advocates of homeopathy."Dear @The technician, can you as an insured me call clean, scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of homeopathy?" Asked the user Oliver S.( @IlloSZ).The answer was prompt: "Dear @ IlloSZ, can they give us clean, scientific studies that prove the non-efficacy of homeopathy?" A rather unsophisticated answer, followed by numerous comments. The harmless was: "Who is responsible for your Twitter account?" Or "I'm so enthusiastic that @ the technician at night at one o'clock tweets answered. But sometimes it would be better to sleep over. "

Unsupervised tidiness
Many users, however, continued their criticism significantly and made it clear that studies are usually presented for effectiveness."@The technician must be proven the effectiveness, not vice versa. Your request is not scientifically permissible, "said the clear statement of a Twitter user. The TK acknowledged a mistake and said "Our tweet was unachievable and we are sorry. But we can not undo it. "Another reaction was," The tweet tonight was very unfortunate. We're working on the bug, but no one is flying out of us because of a bug. "calm.

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Explanation attempts lead to more annoyance
Also the explanation of the TK that with the cost of homeopathy onlythe wishes of the insured and the "legal mandate( to) to promote / offer special forms of therapy" caused further violent criticism."@ The technicians are not effective sugar balls are paid, because the members want that? I want spectacles to be paid for, "said one of the comments."There are glasses with the TK only in homeopathic doses," responds another user. The criticism of the attempts to justify the TK is aimed in particular at the fact that money is paid for an ineffective treatment method, while other - demonstrably meaningful measures - are not paid for. It has also often been pointed out that many insured persons do not pay their membership fees in order to finance homoeopathic remedies for other insured persons.

Scientific Investigations Run
Most Twitter users also met with mockery and anger at TK's efforts to get a scientific review of the topic in a joint study with Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Here, money is wasted and there are already enough investigations, according to the criticism on the communication that the TK since March 2013 with the Charité in Berlin on a scientific study work, the results of which are expected for the year 2018th. Most of the Twitter users seem to know the outcome of the study even without continuing to deal with the issue. It shows once again how hard the fronts between the advocates and opponents of homeopathy are now.

Cost assessment is critically evaluated by many
Why the TK assumes the costs for homeopathy and for other services, such as eyeglasses, no appropriate cost-taking takes place, remains also unclear according to the TK statement. Many users make it clear that they have no problem with homeopathy as long as the users have to bear the costs themselves. However, they consider cost-taking to be critical, since the effect is not above the placebo effect. However, the placebo effect can also help to prove, and especially in diseases for which no other treatment is known, remains little objection to the use of homeopathy. They are relatively inexpensive and the hope of improvement - even if it is based solely on the placebo effect - can significantly improve the course of the disease. Perhaps, in principle, more should be used in the medicine with the placebo effect, especially since this, according to recent studies, also shows its effect, if affected persons know that they occupy a placebo.(fp)

technician health insurance fundamentally criticized
The Twitter comments on homeopathy have triggered a massive Shitstorm at the Techniker Krankenkasse( TK), which has not yet come to an end despite an excuse and an attempt at enlightenment. Because of the justification for the cost of homeopathic remedies, many people seemed to be additionally provoked additional and the TK social media team probably had all hands full with the answer to the numerous comments.

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