Studies: New method of diagnosis of cerebral palsy in children

More effective diagnosis of cerebral palsy leads to greatly improved recovery
Especially in children, severe falls or sports injuries are often the cause of a cerebral palsy. In some sports, for example, sheer clashes may cause such a clash. Researchers have now found a new way to improve the diagnosis of such head injuries. A clear pattern in the auditory response of children can indicate a brain shake. The scientists at the Northwestern University's Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory found in a study that a biological marker in the auditory system of the brain can be a sign of brain vibration. The physicians published the results of their study in the scientific journal "Nature, Scientific Reports".
To determine a brain vibration is usually a difficult task. Doctors now developed a new form of diagnosis of brain vibration in children.(Image: jörn buchheim /

Biomarker could lead to more effective diagnosis of brain vibration
The newly identified biomarker could eliminate the uncertainties in a diagnosis of brain vibration. Thus, diagnosis and recovery can be greatly improved, explains author Nina Kraus. It remains to be hoped that this discovery will enable doctors, parents, sports instructors and sports trainees to recognize brain vibration more quickly.

Brain vibration is difficult to determine
The incidence of brain vibration has been widespread in the past few years, especially in professional sports and youth sports programs. Nevertheless, brain vibration is still difficult to diagnose.

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Physician investigating brain reaction to noises
For the current study, researchers examined forty childrenwith a brain vibration. In addition, there was a control group of children without a brain shake. The scientists used three sensors at the head of the participating children to measure the frequency of a reaction, which is the brain's automatic electrical response to noise.

New method found 90 per cent of brain tumors in test
With this new method, physicians successfully identified 90 per cent of children with a brain shake. In the control group 95% of the children were determined by the test that they had no brain shaking, the scientists explain.

Children with cerebral palsy react differently to certain tones
The researchers found in their investigation that on average the children with a cerebral palsy have a 35% lower response to certain pitches. So the team could create a kind of neural profile. The study also showed that when the children had recovered from their brain shaking, they were again able to process pitches normally, the experts add.

classification of sounds is a complex task for the human brain
The brain is required to classify sounds properly, say the authors. This is one of the most complex tasks to which the human brain is capable. For this reason, it is not surprising that serious shocks or blows on the head disturb this sensitive machinery, the researchers explain further.

Medical Practitioners Want to Establish Effective Platform for Diagnosing Brain Surgery
The goal is to provide a reliable, objective, portable, user-friendly, readily available, and affordable platform for diagnosing brain vibration.(as)

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