Avoid food waste with chocolate-santa's bread spread

Chocolate Santa Claus to make delicious bread spread
During the Christmas season a lot of food has accumulated in many German households. To the mostly already numerous dishes have still self-made cookies and gift sweets, especially chocolate Nikoläus. However, these can be quite well utilized elsewhere.

Too much food
Often in the Advent season, a lot of Christmas sweets have accumulated. On the days of the festivities it was even more. Many German households now have a large number of chocolate Nikolaus. Often too much to eat them all. But it is not necessary to throw them away;they can also be used differently in order to avoid a food waste.

If you have been given too many chocolate nikolins at Christmas, you do not have to eat them all soon. It is also easy to prepare spreads for bread.(Image: twixx / fotolia.com)

Recipe for half a kilo of bread spread
If you have been given too many chocolate Christmas men during the Christmas season and the festive season, you do not have to eat the same. From the sweet chocolates you can simply make a tasty nut-nougat cream for the bread.

In the magazine "Effilee"( edition winter 2016/2017), there is a recipe for this: 500 grams of hazelnuts, a tablespoon of sugar, 100 grams of butter, 40 milliliters of whole milk, half a vanilla pod and 250 grams of chocolate eggs are neededa pinch of salt.

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First, the nuts are roasted at 180 degrees for about a quarter hour in the oven and then the skin is rubbed off. Then they are finely ground in the blender.

Afterwards, the chocolate is melted over a water bath and mixed with liquid butter, milk, vanilla and salt. Finally, the ground nuts are underlined. When the cream is cooled, it comes into a clean container, such as a screw-glass.

Health Hazardous Substances
However, you should pay attention to which brands you get so given. Foodwatch, the consumer protection organization, reported just a few weeks ago that in a laboratory analysis it found health-enduring mineral oils in chocolate Christmas men.

The substances detected are partly suspected of being able to cause cancer. Affected nikolins should therefore probably not be processed to spreads.(ad)

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