Knowledge about one's own background is important for personality development

Knowledge about biological parents help with personality development
Whoever does not know his or her biological parents usually has a strong need to learn more about their own background. Often much time and effort is invested in this "root search" - which is sometimes difficult for outsiders to understand. But the knowledge about biological origin is an important part of identity development. For it helps to get to know oneself better and to learn more about one's own life.

Strong desire for information about the parents
"Who am I?" And "Where do I come from?"This question is usually particularly present in people who do not know their biological parents. Many people are therefore looking for their "roots" in order to learn more about their origins. Whether Internet searches, conversations with family members or browsing through old photo albums - often everything is tried to get information. Outsiders can often not comprehend this deep need, in part it even seems a bit spiffy when someone is concerned about the search for his parents for weeks.

Searching for one Searching for one's own roots can be very important for the development of the ego. It is the desire to know where you are coming from, normal and healthy, because "the knowledge about the genetic parent is important for identity development," explainsAnja Kannegießer in conversation with the news agency "dpa".As explained by the diploma psychologist and chairman of the Legal Psychology Section at the Professional Association of German Psychologists, this helps to answer questions related to one's own personality. In addition to its origin, it is also about one's own future and questions such as "Where do I go?", "Which is the right path for me?" - for those who do not know their genetic parents often have the impression of being alien to themselvesbe. There is a diffuse gap that feels as if a piece of itself is missing.

Resultless search can lead to frustration and depression
According to the expert, the question of the origin is the question for almost all affected persons in the course of their lives. Often, the need for information about the parents would arise at certain stages of development, for example during the puberty phase or when a family is founded. How this is bypassed is individually different and not everyone is so strongly pronounced that he is looking for the search. On the other hand, the knowledge about the genetic parents leaves no peace for a lifetime. If the search proceeds in this case without success, this can be problematic according to Kannegießer. Studies had shown that, as a result, a feeling of frustration and helplessness often arose, and even a depression developed in part.

In order to help those affected, relatives and friends should openly deal with the subject, listen and offer their support."Experience shows that if the environment completely disrupts the topic of biological parents, the desire is often particularly great to find them," says Kannegießer.(nr)

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