Allergy sufferers should lead diabetes medication diaries

As an allergic to blood donation: absolutely keep a diary on medication
In Germany, about 15,000 blood donations are needed daily. Although this can save lives, only about three percent of Germans are willing to donate blood. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics can also donate blood. But you have to pay attention to a few things because of the medication.

Lack of Blood Donors
Again and again organizations like the German Red Cross( DRC) are urgently asking for blood donations. In particular, a shortage of young blood donors is to be lamented in some regions. According to the German Red Cross, 33 percent of Germans could donate blood, but only three percent do it. In principle, every healthy person over the age of 18 years is allowed to donate blood. However, people who suffer from allergies or asthma must pay attention to a few things.

Asthmatic or allergic people who want to donate blood, have to pay a lot of attention because of the medication. In some cases, your donation is not possible.(Image: milanmarkovic78 / Asthmatics or allergy sufferers who want to donate blood have to pay a lot of attention to taking the medicine. In some cases, your donation is not possible.(Photo: milanmarkovic78 /

Keeping tabs on medications
Allergy sufferers or asthmatics who want to donate blood should be sure to keep track of their medications. Because in some cases the donation is not possible, as the German Allergy and Asthma Association( DAAB) reports in its journal "Allergie konkret"( issue 3/2016).

For example, one should not take any cortisone-containing tablets or receive injections in the four weeks prior to the blood donation. However, the use of asthma sprays with cortisone is usually no obstacle.

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Blood donation is prohibited even in acute allergic complaints. On the one hand because of the health of the donor, on the other hand, because the blood could be worse tolerated in the case of a transfusion. It is basically at the discretion of the doctor, whether a donation is possible or not.

Temporary and Permanent Exclusion Criteria
People with a mild cold or fever may have to wait several weeks to donate. Certain groups of persons are permanently excluded as blood donors according to the guidelines of the German Medical Association. Among them are people with frequently changing sexual partners, male and female prostitutes, homosexuals, prison inmates and alcohol, drug and drug addicts. Other permanent exclusion criteria are diseases such as hepatitis, HIV or syphilis.(ad)

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