Recall: Drugstore chain dm again calls Stollenkonfekt back

Drug Chain dm restarts Callback for Stollenkonfekt
The drugstore chain dm has once again launched a recall for a part of its range "Bio Stollenkonfekt mit Marzipan".The product concerned contains hazelnuts, which are not mentioned on the packaging. Only a few weeks ago a similar recall had been announced.

Recall for confectionary with marzipan
The drugstore chain dm is already calling back a part of its range "Bio-Stollenkonfekt mit Marzipan"."The article contains the allergen hazelnut, which can cause health problems for allergy sufferers", writes the company in a press release. This concerns the article "dmBio Stollenkonfekt 140 g" with the minimum shelf-life date( MHD) 08.06.2017.

The drugstore chain dm recalls a part of its range "Bio-Stollenkonfekt mit Marzipan".The product concerned may contain hazelnuts not listed on the packaging.(Image: Thomas Francois /

Contained hazelnuts not indicated on packaging
According to company data, the product "dmBio Stollenkonfekt 140 g" was found to be inadvertently "dmBio fein Vanillemonde".These, however, contain the allergen hazelnut, which is not mentioned on the product packaging of the "dmBio Stollenkonfekts 140 g".For non-allergic persons, the product is harmlessly consumable.

Avoiding health risks
Persons who suffer from a food allergy are particularly dependent on the correct labeling of the ingredients of foodstuffs in order to avoid any health risks caused by accidental ingestion of the allergens.

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Especially nut allergies are a big burden. In addition to symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, anaphylactic shock with acute circulatory failure is also at risk.

Similar callback in October
Customers are asked to return the affected products to the point of sale, whether unopened or already received. The purchase price will be refunded.

Only at the end of October the chain had recalled another batch of the same product. At that time, mistakes had been accidentally packaged containing hazelnuts which were not indicated on the packaging.(ad)

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