Nutrition: Beer in salad and breadcrumbs

The Gerstensaft is also a refined ingredient
beer is not only for drinking, but also makes itself outstanding as an ingredient in the kitchen. Refined, it underlines the taste and character of the products.
The beer soup was already a classic 100 years ago and has since developed itself in individual regions and households abundantly further developed. Sometimes it is cooked with beef broth and fried onion, sometimes with vegetable broth and bread rolls, sometimes with milk and raisins and sometimes with egg balls and cinnamon. The recipes for beer succulents to roast pork of all kinds should be similar.

Beer is not the only place in the Hausmannsküche. In the modern, light kitchen, the Gerstenaft has been eagerly experimenting for several years. The Pils comes in the South for young vegetables or refined the cream sauce to the fish. The spicy darkness gives the barbecue marinade an intense aroma. With a dash of wheat the salad dressing becomes summer-tingling. And the bitter malt beer makes itself good in the sauce to the Pfeffersteak. Our Belgian neighbors provide plenty of culinary inspiration. They are "Stoofvlees" - beef braised in dark beer - or mussels in Gueuze beer as specialties.

Beer as a salad spice. Image: - fotolia Beer as salad spice. Photo: - fotolia

In baked goods the carbonic acid of the beer acts as a natural driving agent. Beer breads and beers make use of this. Dipped in a smooth dough of flour, eggs and mild beer, chicken fillets, flower kohlröschen and apple rings are equally fried.

With the food the possibilities of the Gerstenaftes are far from exhausted. Mixed beverages and cocktails with beer are currently entering the catering trade. With only a few ingredients, the direction of Pils and Co. is changed and an unusual drink for interspersed: With gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup, the white beer becomes a sparkling cocktail. From Kölsch, Ananassaft and Kokossirup a creamy-fruity beer colada can be mixed. And an export with Cassis and Portwein gets Mediterranean flair.(Eva Neumann, aid)

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