Orthopedics: Are flip-flops harmful to your feet?

Critics warn of foot damage by flipflops
At summer temperatures, many people like to wear flipflops as often as possible. Because the plastic slippers allow air to the feet, are comfortable and prepare a pleasant holiday feeling. But critics always admonish that the shoes harm the feet. Is that correct? Or is this a myth? In conversation with the news agency "dpa", Dr.med. Sebastian Manegold from the Berlin Charité.

For healthy feet unproblematic
"Do not run so much in flip flops that are bad for your feet!" Phrases like these are hearing fans of popular bath sandals in the summer all the time. But is the warning really something?"No" says the head of the Department of Foot and Ankle Surgery at the Charité Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery, Dr. Sebastian Manegold. At least not if the wearer has healthy feet without pronounced defects.

Flip-flop fans are always warned of the damage caused by bathing sandals.(Photo: Delphotostock / fotolia.com) Flipflop fans are always warned of the damage caused by the bath sandals.(Picture: Delphotostock / fotolia.com)

Risk of injury from toe sandals higher

However, the gait pattern would also change in this case because a natural gait is not possible with the plastic sandals."With your toes, you'll get stuck with it, it's more like flip-flops that you try to fix the shoe with them," the expert explains. It is therefore rather with the toes firmly rattled - but that is according to the physician by itself not harmful to the feet. It should, of course, be remembered that the flip-flops can be injured more quickly in sports or walking on cobbled streets.

Pollutants in the plastic possible
If you like to wear flip-flops, you should take a closer look at the purchase. Because the flaps are made of plastic, they can possibly contain hazardous substances. For example, a test by the WDR in the previous year showed that most flip-flops were contaminated with chemicals. The transmitter had then had 12 models from all price classes tested in the laboratory. Solvents, heavy metals and harmful polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons( PAHs) were detected in many shoes.(nr)

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