Strong criticism of new euthanasia plans for old people

Health Minister Huml criticizes Dutch euthanasia plans
In Germany, facilities for active euthanasia are banned. In other states, however, there is a corresponding suicide help, including in the Netherlands. Bavaria's Health Minister criticized now far-reaching plans that are forged in the neighboring country.

Clear No to Euthanasia
In Germany, controversial discussion on the topic of euthanasia has been discussed for years. Last year, a survey of oncologists found that many of them were prepared to assist in suicide in an emergency. Other experts, such as the German Medical Association stick to their clear no to euthanasia. Things are different in some of our neighboring countries. For example, euthanasia was recently applied to a child in Belgium. And in the Netherlands active euthanasia is also permitted in certain institutions.

Bayerns Gesundheitsministerin hat die Pläne der niederländischen Regierung, aktive Sterbehilfe in Zukunft auch für alte Menschen zu ermöglichen, scharf kritisiert. Sie spricht von einem "gefährlichen Irrweg". (Bild: Robert Kneschke/ Bavaria's health minister has sharply criticized the plans of the Dutch government to enable active euthanasia in the future for the elderly as well. She speaks of a "dangerous aberration".(Image: Robert Kneschke /

Minister of Health talks about a dangerous aberration
The Dutch government wants to make active euthanasia possible for the elderly as well. Since people could suffer unbearably and hopelessly even without a serious illness, this could be a legitimate reason for euthanasia. A majority of Parliament welcomed the plan.

Bavaria's Health Minister Melanie Huml has sharply criticized the Dutch government's euthanasia plans."In the attempt to enable euthanasia to life-worn old people, it is a dangerous aberration. Because that could make old people feel under pressure. They should not indirectly convey the feeling that they are a burden on society, "said the CSU politician.

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Help for victims
Huml continues: "Dying should be seen more as a part of life - as a process that is neither artificially prolonged nor shortened. Therefore, I will continue to fight against active euthanasia in the future - and also against organized suicide. "

The Minister added:" The desire for euthanasia is often a call for help from those affected. They must be shown in this situation that they are not left alone. It is important to allow all human beings a life of dignity until the very end. This also applies to the seriously ill. That is why we are further expanding palliative care and hospice care in Bavaria. "

Improving hospice and palliative care
Only last year, the Bundestag decided to improve hospice and palliative care. In Bavaria, there are currently inpatient palliative care structures at 99 hospitals. In addition, there are a total of 40 teams of the Specialist Outpatient Palliative Care( SAPV) for adults in the Free State. In the inpatient area, Bavaria currently has 18 hospices with 186 places as well as a stationary children's hospice.(ad)

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