Daily perch strengthens the health of dog owners

New study: Going for a walk also promotes the health of dog owners
Dogs are often referred to as the "best friend of man".Being together with the four-legged friends is very good for most people. According to a new study, the gassi promotes the health of dog owners. It also increases the sense of security in the neighborhood.

Positive Health Effects
Handling dogs is consistently credited with having a positive impact on health. Especially the effects on blood pressure and heart rate are highlighted. According to health experts, dogs help with hypertension. Because the four-legged friend is "the ideal exercise trainer! He's disciplined and drives you regularly, "Dr. Bettina Begerow, prevention expert of the German Stroke Help Foundation in an earlier communication. Exercise plays a crucial role in the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure. Going for

Going for a walk promotes the health of dog owners. Among other things, regular exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.(Image: upixa / fotolia.com) promotes the health of dog owners. Among other things, regular exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.(Image: upixa / fotolia.com)

Physical inactivity increases the risk of death
Physical inactivity is more harmful to the heart than smoking, according to some health experts. According to scientific studies, even moderate regular exercise significantly reduces the risk of death.

An easy way to get more done is to get a dog. A recent study has shown that people who carry dogs are physically active more days a week. In addition, gassing can help to feel more secure in the neighborhood.

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Relationship Between Running Dogs and Physical Activity
The medical journal "BMC Public Health"Published work by Dr. med. Hayley Christian of the University of Western Australia( UWA), in collaboration with the WALTHAM Center for Pet Nutrition, is the first international study of its kind to unify the relationship between dogs, physical activity, and people's safety perceptionCommunity examined, the college reported in a statement. More than 1,000 dog owners in Perth( Australia) and three US cities( San Diego, Nashville and Portland) were interviewed in the pet relationship study.

Going for one and a half hours a week
It has been shown that people walking with their dog are physically active for at least 30 minutes longer on more days per week than non-dog people."In all four cities, dog owners used to walk their dog five to six times a week for more than 90 minutes a week," Dr. Christian.

Increased sense of security
The study also highlighted benefits for the community. Nearly 60 percent of Australian and US dog owners reported that they feel safer when they run their dog. For women, this increased sense of security was even more pronounced than in men.

"Especially at the US sites of the study, dog walkers felt safer and perceived a higher level of alertness in the neighborhood by carrying dogs than in Perth," Dr. Christian."This may be due to the social and cultural differences in dog ownership and physical activity habits in the two countries." At the study sites in the US, significantly fewer dogs were found than in Perth.

According to dr. Christian showed the study the physical and social benefits for individuals and the community and the need to integrate dog execution into health programs and policy initiatives.(ad)

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