The new flight noise study in Mainz has attracted international attention

Specialist magazine "Nature" presents flight noise research as a research highlight
There has already been much debate about the effect of noise on the health side in the past. The extent to which damage to the cardiovascular system can occur has not been clarified. However, a recently published study by the scientists from Mainz has, in the model, deciphered the mechanisms by which airborne noise can cause vessel damage. The study found international recognition and was presented as a research highlight in the renowned specialist magazine "Nature".

In their investigations, the scientists were able to study by Professor Dr. Thomas Münzel, Director of Cardiology I at the Center for Cardiology of Mainz University, will be able to demonstrate the molecular mechanism that causes airborne vessel damage."After only a short time, this study provided a worldwide response," according to the University of Mainz. The effect of airborne noise on our health can therefore be explained much better in the future.

study shows association between vessel damage and aircraft noise.(Image: kathijung / fotolia)

Various Factors Affecting Vascular Damage
According to the researchers, the primary cause of vascular damage in aircraft noise is the increased formation of free radicals - for example, the migration of inflammatory cells into the vessel wall and the activation of two enzymes -as well as the nicotinamide adenine nucleotide phosphate oxidase( NADPH) and the nitric oxide synthase;(NOS).At the same time, the researchers were able to identify those genes that are up-regulated and down-regulated by noise.

Breakthrough in noise research
The study conducted by Prof. Dr. Thomas Münzel is seen as a breakthrough in noise research, as their results now allow specific strategies to be developed that lead to a weakening of noise-induced vascular damage, the University of Mainz reports. It is also possible, on the basis of this study, to test the extent to which cardiovascular-effective drugs can prevent noise damage to vessels."The fact that the renowned Nature magazine has chosen the study we have initiated as a 'Research Highlight' underscores its high priority for global noise research," says Prof. Münzel.(fp)

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