Why rheumatics can help a cure in autumn

cold is at the door / rheumatoid problems are on the way to
Rheumatic patients know it from their own experience: as the days become shorter and the weather gets worse again, the illness-related complaints and in particular their pain increase. Rheumatic patients are often ridiculed for this kind of weather, although scientists have even provided proof of this [1].About half of the rheumatoid patients are affected by this phenomenon. They have more pain and joint stiffness especially with short sunshine, rain or frosty temperatures. For these patients, a cure with radon and heat in the autumn can help to get through the winter and reduce their painkillers consumption.

patients enter a mountain with a tunnel and stay on the therapies about 60 minutes."At temperatures of over 37.5 degrees and high humidity, blood vessels dilate and blood circulation is promoted. As a result, the muscles relax, which in turn frees the nerve tracts from painful pressure, "explains Univ.-Doz. Dr. Bertram Hölz, scientific director of the Gasteiner Heilstollens. Radonthermal tunnels are particularly effective. Here, radon also occurs in small amounts from the rock. This inhibits the activity of inflammatory cells in rheumatics.

Radontherapia as a cure. Radontherapia as a cure.

"Radon heat therapy also affects the serotonin metabolism, which experts believe to be the cause of the increased pain sensation during weather changes," Dr. Hölzl. Influence also affects the radon on painkillers. The less active these are, the lower the pain. The effect ranges from significant pain relief to complete absence of complaints; it often lasts for months."In some patients, this effect starts at the end of the cure, others delay after a few weeks," says Dr. Hölzl.

For many, it is important months in which not only symptoms of rheumatism disappear or at least greatly diminish, but physiotherapy and ergotherapeutic offers as well as sports activities can be integrated into everyday life. Sport can reduce inflammatory relapses, counteracts rheumatic joint stiffness and prevents muscular breakdown. Studies confirm the good success of a three-week course with regular stays in the Radonthermal Stollen: about 9 out of 10 patients benefit from a cure. They have less pain and need less pain medication. Also the morning stiffness improves."Many of our patients are cured in the autumn," reports Dr. Hölzl."After a cure, you will be much better during the winter." Health insurance companies often take about 90 percent of the therapy costs for cures with radon heat therapy.[1] Arthritis &Rheumatism 2009, Volume 61( 9), Page: 1243-1247

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