Builders: So men get rid of the big beer belly

Although there are studies that women love men with a stomach, but most of them should be exceptions. If men who are too fat want to shrink their tummy, it also depends on what type it is: Is it just a small tummy or a mighty beer belly? There are enough reasons for weight loss.

Symbol of wealth or just unsightly? In any case unhealthy! Image: Gina Sanders - fotolia symbol of prosperity or just unsightly? In any case unhealthy! Image: Gina Sanders - fotolia

Not only apple and pear shape
Not only since the former Chancellor Helmut Kohl is known that the different types of human abdomen are divided among other things in pear or apple shape. According to some researchers, this classification is far from sufficient. Leipzig scientists distinguish 17 different body shapes. This was announced by the experts who studied the extent of civilization diseases for many years in September. The fact that thick belly is not the same thick belly, know other professionals. As different as the origin of the "Ranzens" is, so different are the possibilities that can help against it. Here are some types of abdomen listed and ways how to reduce the "Wampe" again.

beer belly can take on immense proportions
The form, probably the strongest for men, is the beer belly. Upper and lower abdomen are strongly arched. The reason is depleted connective tissue. The Plauze can sometimes take on immense proportions. This form is according to health experts particularly problematic: The beer belly is hidden in dangerous fat, which among other things damage the blood vessels, favors lipid metabolism disorders and could contribute to diabetes. In addition, visceral abdominal fat increases the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attack. Above all, men who are rather unfamiliar with active sports and who love alcoholic drinks and high-calorie foods are affected.

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Regular exercise and diet change
To get rid of a beer belly, Of course, a change in food habits is required: less beer, wine and Co and more often light food with lots of fruits and vegetables. Starving usually does not help, as the body loses water and subculture fat. Quite essential is also regular exercise. Sport alone does not help against overweight. There is no way around a healthier and balanced diet. Especially carbohydrates have to be reduced. In addition, patience is required: such a belly has neither emerged overnight, nor does it disappear at a rapid pace.

Unsightly Lifebuoys
Another type of lumbar is the so-called "lifebuoy".This shows up in two annular fat pads, one above and one below the waist, as "" writes. This often occurs in men over the age of 30 years. Because then the metabolism becomes sluggish. If you still continue to feed pizza, chips and chocolate as before, the unsightly rings grow quickly. Here, too, endurance sports help reduce the problem. In addition, carbohydrates such as sweets, alcohol or white bread should be minimized.

gastrointestinal tract burdened by stress
Another health problem is the stress abdominal. Visually, it is characterized by fatty tissue in the abdominal wall, especially from the stomach and intestine. Affected people often cause problems with their bowels. The cause is excessive stress. If this often precipitates meals or swallowed quickly, the gastrointestinal tract is strained. Relaxation exercises for stress relief can be helpful here, among other things. It is also advisable to take the time to eat and light meals to prefer.

Avoid swollen foods
In case of a swollen abdomen, the stomach is still flat in the morning, puffing up in the middle and lower abdominal area throughout the day. One reason for this may be food intolerance, for example gluten or lactose. But even with carbonated drinks or stress can lead to a bloated stomach. Those affected should better avoid coffee, carbonated drinks, fast foods, spicy foods, and other bloating foods such as onions or legumes. Instead, it should be consumed as sparingly as possible, such as cooked vegetables.(ad)

beer belly or lifebuoy: Which belly types do men have?
He does not look good, the so-called beer belly in men. It is buoyant, bulging and causes serious health problems. The weight loss is especially difficult on the stomach, as the fat forms between the intestinal loops. We show why the fat belly in men significantly reduces life expectancy and what the "abdominal wearers" can do about it.

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