Examination: Is breast cancer triggered by the wearing of bras?

Breast Cancer by Bra?
Many women believe that wearing a brassiere can cause breast cancer. Is this just a rumor, or is it actually truth? The fact is that women in the western industrial nations are affected by breast cancer much more often than in other regions of the world. But why is that? We asked once.

What influence does wearing a bra have?
In the 1960s, the feminist women's movement warned against brassieres. These served only to show the female breast and emptying the breast tissue. Later, the fear spread that the regular wearing of a bra could cause cancer. Is that true? American scientists published a few years ago in the journal "Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers &Prevention "a study that concluded that wearing a bra has no effect on breast cancer risk.

Why are women more frequently affected by breast cancer in western industrial nations? Image: SENTELLO - fotolia

Breast cancer spread to western countries
This opinion is shared by Prof. Jens Blohmer, Head of the Clinic for Gynecology and Breast Center at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, who stated in a message from the dpa news agency: "Pressure does not belongthe possible causes of breast cancer. "Women in Western countries are more likely to wear bras and breast cancer is more prevalent there."But that is not causally related," says the expert.

Socio-cultural changes as potential triggers
As with most other cancers, the underlying causes of breast cancer are unknown. There are different theories. One of them, in addition to risk factors such as heredity, alcohol consumption or age, sees the so-called socio-cultural changes in the Western world as a possible trigger: "Women are less likely to have children and later, breastfeed shorter and eat high-energy food. That could be more likely than wearing a bra, "explains Blohmer.(ad)

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