Trainees are increasingly suffering from mental problems

Extreme Increase in psychological complaints among trainees
According to a recent study by the Techniker Krankenkasse( TK), trainees suffer more from psychological problems. Absences due to depression, adaptation and stress disorder, etc., had risen significantly above the average for trainees in recent years. Health promotion in the company has to be more concerned about the trainee health, reminds the Techniker Krankenkasse.

In the case of trainees between the ages of 16 and 25, the number of times of absence due to mental problems has increased by 108 per cent since the year 2000, according to the TK.When considering all age groups, the average rate was 88%."For years, the health insurance companies have seen a rise in psychologically caused absenteeism among employees", but "trainees are even more affected than average employees," reports TK.One cause is the high stress level of the job starter, who in turn at least partially reverts to their media consumption.

Trainees develop special mental health problems according to the current health report of the technicians' health insurance fund.(Image: Gina Sanders /

Significantly increased psychological absenteeism
From the figures of the current health report of the technicians' health insurance fund, it is clear that the absenteeism caused by mental disorders in the past years has increased significantly."We see a significant increase in mental symptoms in many areas - diagnoses, hospital stays, drug prescriptions and sick leave records," emphasizes Dr. Jens Baas, Chairman of the Board of Management of TK.The possible causes are manifold. For example, diagnoses are improved today and there is better medical care, but "our way of life, how we work, how we deal with stress and how and whether we can compensate for it plays a big role."

Depression ranked thirdSentences for
In the case of the trainees, the absenteeism was generally less than on average( 11.5 missing days versus 14.8 days), but there was a different development for the psychologically caused absenteeism, according to Dr. Thomas Grobe from the Institute for Applied Quality Promotion and Research in Health Care( aQua), who analyzed the TK data."Whilst psychological absenteeism has stagnated at a high level for the last three years, they are continuing to grow in the youngest group," says Grobe. Depression is ranked third among the main causes of sick leave behind airway and gastrointestinal infections.

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Data from 4.8 million insured evaluated
For the health report 2017 according to the TK were the sick leave and drug regulationsof 4.8 million persons insured with the TK.This year's focus is on the health of trainees. The basis here is the data of 187,000 TC-insured trainees between 16 and 25 years of age. These show a very serious development in mental illness, which points to an increased need for action."We need to look more to the health of the youngest employee group," said Dr. Jens Baas.

Digital media a stress factor?
The experts also cite the media consumption as a cause of the high stress level of the job starter."Many like to spend their evening with digital media. This alone does not have to be harmful per se. But the attempt to use them at the same time or alternately and thus be constantly distracted and interrupted, the brain costs energy and goes at the expense of the regeneration, "explains the neurologist Dr. Volker Busch in the press release of the TK.Effective relaxation of the brain occurs only through the concentrated depth on a matter, the sinking in a book, a conversation or the enjoyment of the nature."Our brain needs such resting phases, even if some have to learn to endure these," says Dr. Busch further.(fp)

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