Remove from sports grease rolls? Study shows more body fat through sports

Can regular exercise help you lose weight?
sports is always good. But many fail because, despite many training sessions, they do not want to lose their pounds. Scientists at Arizona State University in Phoenix have therefore investigated the extent to which obese people can actually benefit from regular sports activities. The result will put many people in a state of uncertainty: Some athletes have increased body fat despite sports.

Regular exercise and multiple sports a week are rated by most people as a good approach on the way to less body fat. They torment themselves in the gym, go jogging and exercise at home. But in case of doubt, the body fat share is higher than before the start of training, according to the surprising result of the research team around Glenn Gaesser from the School of Nutrition &Health Promotion at Arizona State University. Her study was published in the magazine "Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research".

Weight gain by sport?(Image:

Body fat training after 12 weeks of training
As part of the study, researchers were able to go through a 12-week training program for overweight women who previously had no sporting activities. A change of diet was not planned. In the run-up to the program, the participants passed a health check, which also determined their body mass index and their body fat percentage. In addition, the scientists determined the physical performance of the subjects. Three times a week the women have trained on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

According to the scientists, the physical performance of all participants has improved during the twelve training weeks. However, many women did not suffer from a breakdown, but a build-up of body fat."About 70 per cent of women had at least a certain amount of fat during the program," the Arizona State University said. Only through sport, therefore, can not achieve a reliable weight reduction.

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  • Sport is different
    The study authors conclude that sport is an individual individualdifferent effect. This was reflected, for example, in the fact that the women who had lost their exercise program after four weeks had subsequently lost weight. The researchers believe that the women who have increased, presumably have driven back their movement next to the sports program and have eaten more. Gaesser explains that, in the face of the study results, people who begin exercising in order to lose weight should put themselves on the balance after one month at the latest."If your weight remains stubbornly unchanged or has it increased, you should check your diet and other activities," explains Gaesser.

    Nutrition needs to be taken into account when losing weight
    The study shows that sports can only help to a limited extent when the diet is completely digested. If the body is fed more calories than it burns during sports, a weight gain is to be expected. For example, an approximately 70 kilograms of runners burn around 350 kilocalories in just half an hour, which corresponds approximately to the amount of a chocolate bar, warns the sports scientist of the Institute of Sports Medicine at the Nuremberg Clinic, Michael Tuttor. For "the combustion effect of sport is often over-estimated"."Anyone who wants to lose weight permanently has to turn to several sets of screws - this also includes diet," Tuttor continues.

    Improved Performance Through Sport
    In view of the improved physical performance that was found in all subjects, sport is recommended in spite of a possible weight gain, both overweight and normal weight. The sports scientist Tuttor also comes to the conclusion that "the women in the study have certainly done something good for their body and their cardiovascular system".(sb, fp)

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