New study: Freezing ovarian tissue is safe

Freezing Sperm and Ovarian Tissue
Improved treatment options and earlier diagnoses have significantly increased the chances of cancer treatment over the past few decades. However, the treatment of cancer is often associated with infertility. But if people still want children, it can be prevented. This allows women to freeze ovarian tissue and men sperm before treatment. The method is still relatively new, but in recent years ovarian tissue has been successfully retransplanted in several cases. Recent research now gives rise to more hope.

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New method led to numerous births
Researchers at the Copenhagen University Hospital now report in the journal "Human Reproduction" that the removal of ovarian tissue before therapy and a subsequent retransmission in one study in at least one womanChild. In addition, the cancer recurrence rate had not been increased. According to the dpa news agency, Annette Jensen's team evaluated the data of 41 Danish women who were re-using extracted ovarian tissue at the age of 33 years.

It was found that the original cancer in these patients due to the treatment not - as some experts feared - returned. Thirty-two of the women wanted to become pregnant, ten of them got at least one child. A total of 14 babies were born, either naturally or after fertility treatment.

Significantly Increased Survival in Cancer
In their article, the scientists write that the chances of surviving cancer at a young age have increased significantly in recent decades. But as cancer treatment can render infertile, preserving fertility is increasingly becoming part of modern cancer therapies. So far, oocytes are often frozen, but their extraction requires ten to twelve days of pretreatment.

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The new method, in which physicians, before the chemo or radiation treatment, freeze an ovary or parts thereof, freeze and later re-implant the tissue into the body, has only been used for some years. According to Danish researchers, more than 36 children were born worldwide after such treatment, including in Germany. For example, it was reported in 2012 that a child was born in Nuremberg through transplanted ovarian tissue.

Little knowledge about chances of success
To date, however, little is known about the chances of success. According to the researchers, the transplanted tissue was active in some women for about ten years, in others, it was no longer functional after a few months. The reasons for these differences are not known yet. In three of the 41 women who received a tissue graft, the cancer returned after transplantation. However, as the scientists write, there is no indication that there is a connection between treatment and relapse.

German Expert Critical
Christian Thaler, Member of the Board of the German Society for Reproductive Medicine( DGRM), said recently that preserving fertility in cancer therapies is of great importance as many young women are now cured. However, the classical method is not the cryopreservation of ovarian tissue, but that of unfertilized egg cells.

Oocyte freezing has long been established and is safe and "should always be the first choice." Thaler, who runs the Hormone and Fertility Center at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, commented critically: "The transplantation of ovarian tissue, on the other handstill experimental, and so far only a few children have emerged from it. I am worried that this procedure will be overstated in view of successful individual cases. "The Danish researchers, however, believe that" the freezing of ovarian tissue as a method of maintaining fertility "is becoming more important.(ad)

Desire for cancer: freezing ovarian tissue is safe
As a result of cancer treatment, infertility, women can prevent by freezing ovarian tissue in order to later meet the desire to have children. Although this method is still pretty, a new study gives reason for hope.

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