Allergy: waiting for the pollen explosion


While most Germans are increasingly bothered by the recurrent cold spells, the relatively cool weather also has a positive effect for pollen allergy sufferers: the expected explosion of pollen has initially shifted. According to a report by the German Allergy and Asthma Association( DAAB), the air pollution with birch pollen, to which many people are allergic, is still relatively low.

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Although hazel and alder pollen have been in the air for some time now, concentrations have been kept under control in the cold weather. In addition, significantly fewer people are allergic to the pollen of alder and hazel, as for example birch pollen. According to the DAAB, about 15 percent of the population suffer from hay fever or a pollen allergy. For them, the long winter has the advantage that they can still stay outdoors without the annoying symptoms of hay fever.

So far only few pollen in the air
The weather plays a crucial role in the development of the inflorescence of the individual plant species. Even the early bloomers such as hazel and alder, whose pollen already fly in the winter months, require a minimum amount of sun and heat. The repeated cold spells and the low number of hours of sunshine have contributed to the fact that so far the air pollution with hazel and alder pollen is rather limited. According to DAAB expert Anja Schwalfenberg to the news agency "dpa", birch blossom is currently still in its infancy. The persistent cold has meant that the inflorescences of the birches are still relatively small and so far hardly birch pollen in the air.

Improvement of pollen prediction planned
How the pollen load will develop in the coming weeks is still relatively unclear. In addition to "other location and weather factors," the flower development depends on the temperature, "emphasized Anja Schwalfenberg. With the help of a new early warning system, however, the pollen allergy sufferers should be able to obtain much better information about the actual pollen load in the air, according to the DAAB.On the basis of the initiative "hay fever reporting system" the pollen forecast should be improved clearly. For this it is "meaningful to include the current complaints of the patients." Hay fever sufferers should report their observations to the DAAB, so that they can then be incorporated into the pollen schedule.

pollen allergy associated with increased asthma risk
Haying is not only annoying for those affected because they constantly suffer from runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing attacks, but the pollen allergy also carries other health risks. Thus, according to the DAAB, about one third of hay fever patients develop "a year-round, allergic asthma." In addition, about 60 percent of pollen allergy sufferers are affected by a cross-allergy. In addition, the pollen count could "also increase other allergies to foods and cause skin problems such as eczema," reports the German Allergy and Asthma Association.(fp)

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