US trend: breast enlargement for three weeks

New York doctor develops bizarre beauty trend


The latest US trend from the area of ​​beauty surgery allows women to have bigger breasts for 24 hours. As the New York beauty surgeon Norman Rowe told the "ABC News", the magnification would then re-form. For 2016, the doctor is now planning the introduction of "holiday breasts", which should last up to three weeks and "perfect for a special occasion".

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    Toe abbreviations, umbilical correction or dimple production - besides the "classical" liposuction, more and more new possibilities arise in the field of beauty medicine. The latest trend from the USA is a temporary breast enlargement, which allows women to get a larger upper range for a maximum of 24 hours. After this, the breast, according to the developer of the so-called "InstaBreasts", New York beauty surgeon Norman Rowe, returns to the "normal state", even if it may be slightly stronger than beforefor one day is carried out using a simple saline injection, the medical expert explains further. However, according to experts, this is not the greatest risk, but the increased risk of infection and possible nerve damage or hematomas caused by the"Norman Rowe said that he is not a cause for concern, but he sees it as a cause of concernhe in seiner new method only advantages: "24 hours are great. The women have the chance to try out the feeling of bigger breasts, "the doctor said against the US news channel" ABC News ".The surgery would only take 20 minutes, cost the artificial breasts currently 2500 US dollar( converted 2000 euro).

    "Holiday breasts" for special occasions
    In addition to the "instant breasts" the beauty surgeon wants to offer in the future also a so-called "holiday breasts", which is expected to come from 2016 on the market and two to three weeks forRowe continued, "This procedure is" perfect "for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a holiday, as well as women could anticipate how a life with larger breasts could actually be." They can be 3-D"Says Rowe," but it's another thing to see how the weight actually feels and how it will be to live with the new breasts. "However, the idea still has to beis being tested and approved by the FDA, but the physician does not see any problems because the new product contains substances that are used in medicine,are often used.( nr)

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