Measles vaccine: AOK boss appeals to parents

measles vaccine: AOK boss appeals to parents


Berlin is currently hit by a bad measles outbreak. A first death has already been reported. AOK boss Jürgen Graalmann has now called on parents to have their children vaccinated against measles.

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AOK boss appeals to parents
The head of the AOK Federal Association, Jürgen Graalmann, has made an appeal to parents, theirTo have children vaccinated against measles. As the news agency dpa reports, Graalmann told the "Rheinische Post": "When it comes to the lives of children who can not yet decide alone, we should also stop discussing and stick to what medicine and scienceteach. "The AOK boss further said that a disease that can cause serious damage and as a long-term result in adulthood can cause meningitis, should not be trivialized.

worst measles wave since the introduction of the compulsory registration

Currently the worst measles wave in Berlin since the introduction of the obligation to register."The latest tragic death in Berlin should be reason to come now to vaccination against measles," said the President of the Federal Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery. He told the "Ruhr Nachrichten"( Tuesday edition) that it was irresponsible not to have their own children vaccinated against measles. The black-red federal government is considering as a reaction to the measles outbreak in Berlin a statutory vaccination obligation. However, Left and Greens have spoken out against measles vaccination.

Died infant was not vaccinated
The infant, who died in Berlin, was reportedly not vaccinated against the viral disease. As Berlin health senator Mario Czaja( CDU) said, it had died on 18 February in a hospital. However, the Charité has meanwhile stated that the cause of death has not yet been conclusively investigated. The boy had been treated at the clinic. Measles weaken the immune system and, among other things, it can cause a middle ear infection or diarrhea. In complications, measles disease can lead to serious infections such as lung and brain inflammation. According to statistics, two out of 1,000 patients die as a result of measles infection.

Long-standing debate about compulsory vaccination
The debate about compulsory vaccination is not new. For years, arguments have been exchanged on the subject of measles vaccination pros and cons. For example, vaccine opponents repeatedly point out possible side effects of immunization such as redness, swelling, fever or mild itching skin rash. However, these risks are not compared to the effects of measles disease, my advocates.(ad)

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