Stimulant attack in naturist club: Three injured

Eye and respiratory irritation after irritant gas attack in FKK-Club
In a naturist's club in Wiesbaden unknown offenders sprayed irritating gas. Three people suffered minor injuries but did not have to go to hospital. Recently, an irritant gas attack had been committed on a school in the Hessian state capital.

Irritating gas in sauna club sprayed
Just a few days after pepper spray was sprayed at the Albrecht Dürer School in Wiesbaden, the city of Hessia has again been hit by an irritant gas attack. According to a message from the news agency dpa have on Sunday evening, three unknowns sprayed in a nudist club in the district Mainz-Kastel irritating gas. According to the police, three people were treated for eye and respiratory irritation. However, they did not have to go to the hospital.

Unknown offenders sprayed in a naturist club in Wiesbaden irritating gas. Three people were easily injured.(Image: nasared / Unknown offenders have sprayed in a nudist club in Wiesbaden irritating gas. Three people were easily injured.(Image: nasared /

Nothing is known about the subject

Of the perpetrators who had already disappeared when the police arrived, there was no trace at first. Nothing is known about her motive yet. Because initially eight people were injured, numerous rescue workers were in action. However, according to a police spokesman, most of them could have gone back straight away.

Health Hazards Due to Irritant Gas
Irritant gas, such as pepper spray or tear gas, is used in Germany, among others, by the police during demonstrations. Some people also acquire such funds privately for self-defense.

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The symptoms caused by it usually appear immediately or a few seconds after spraying. Sprayed irritant gas can, among other things, lead to swelling of the mucous membranes and immediate closure of the eyelids. By inhaling the irritant usually cough and shortness of breath occur. An unpleasant itching often develops on the skin.(ad)

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