Many people live in constant stress at work

Almost every employee in Germany, namely nine out of ten, suffers from stress at work. This resulted in a recent study by pronova BK.

The Reasons? Challenging tasks in an increasingly complex world? Not even close. Place 1 of the stress factors is permanent imprint with 38%, place 2 a bad working climate and the bronze medal for stress-causing conditions at the workplace receives emotional burden.

Stress or too much work in the office can sometimes be quite in the mood. But a busy everyday life can also have advantages for us. At least our cognitive abilities are trained by permanent tasks. Especially in old age, our brain is particularly benefiting.(Picture: Gina Sanders / Photo: Gina Sanders /

The interviewees are mainly working overtime. After all, every third of ten must be constantly available in their spare time, ie on call duty. However, this is not regarded as a standby service.

Only 40% of respondents have a lunch break every day, and almost 30% do not leave their jobs during working hours. It is a rarity, that breaks, which serve consciously the recovery, are psychically necessary and also improve the work performance.

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medical professionals recommend every 45 minutes a 5 minute break, every three hours a 15 minute breakand a half-hour to one-hour lunch break. These breaks are only pauses if they are not grafted with excess work.

This is exactly what many of the interviewees do, but also increase the stress: they talk about things in the breaks. Or they organize appointments and do private things. They do not have a rest, so they are not relaxed when they get back to work.

The stress caused by the unacceptable conditions makes you sick.2 out of 3 respondents suffer from tension in their necks, and more than every second make back pain, one of two has pain in shoulders, arms and hands.

The current study confirms what the Federal Government's stress report already showed in 2012.Since 1990, power compaction, operating voltage and time pressure have been steadily increasing.

Until the middle of the 2000s the burdens increased extremely, then to a very high level between 2005 and 2011.

As early as 2012, mental illness was the fourth most common cause of all diseases and the main factor was stress at the workplace. Depressions, but also cardiovascular complaints to myocardial infarction, migraine and tinnitus, are among the widespread consequences of constant time pressure, poor working atmosphere and emotional stress. The end is often a burn-out.

The German Labor Union Confederation explains: "The present survey shows that there is a widespread presence among employed persons in Germany: just under half( 47%) of the employed workforce in Germany reported last year, despite illness, for at least one week"This is a major factor in stress, since" this is particularly widespread among employees with a high level of mental workload: job compaction, worries about the workplace and a poor working environment are evidently contributing to the fact that employees work despite illness. "

The index of the DGB "Good work" shows, therefore, that the three main types of employment, Stress factors for workers Term impression, bad Arand emotional stress are directly linked( Dr. Utz Anhalt)


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