Experts: Jogger-phimosis are rare but very painful

Why Keep Jogging
Especially in spring and summer, jogging is back in high demand. In addition to muscle building and weight regulation, the endurance run also has many other health-promoting effects: it strengthens the heart, promotes blood circulation, clears the head, reduces stress and keeps you fit and healthy. Nevertheless, it also carries health risks. In women who already have incontinence, it can strain the pelvic floor, making the disease worse. Men, however, should pay attention to the right clothing. Otherwise it can come to jogging phimosis, a rare, but extremely joking disease.

However, jogging is basically very healthy."Increased circulation in the blood vessels and prevention of obesity prevent jogging in men with impotence," explains Dr. Reinhold Schaefer, urologist and managing director of Uro-GmbH Nordrhein. Even though in the middle of life exhaustion, erectile dysfunction and increasing streak have already sneaked into everyday life, jogging is good. Because responsible for these male menopause is also testosterone deficiency. The only way to naturally increase testosterone is increased exercise and a healthy diet.

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During endurance running, it is important to choose the right sportswear. Otherwise it can cause friction and irritation in the genital area. Joggers call phimosis urologists the disease, which occurs only in isolated cases, but extremely painful."It arises primarily through nylon pants, as the substance rubs on the skin. The foreskin becomes inflamed, swells and the glans narrows. "Therefore men should rather use cotton clothes.

women do not bother with such problems. However, you should note that sports that are hopped or jumped or that lead to vibrations, put strain on the pelvic floor. This includes jogging. Sometimes, incontinence is initially seen only in sports: "Women notice incontinence when urine runs off in an uncontrolled manner when running or jumping," explains Dr. med. Shepherd."Sporting activity can even promote incontinence, because even a trained woman can get a bladder weakness." Who wants to continue his beloved sport but continue to go to a urologist to determine the severity of the disease. He also judges if jogging is possible in reasonable dosage. In addition, women need to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles through targeted training. Well-damped footwear also helps, as it absorbs shocks.(pm)

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