Hemp as alternative medicine: As of morning cannabis from the doctor on prescription

Physicians in Germany will be able to prescribe cannabis flowers and extracts on prescription for many diseases, and in the case of serious cases also at the expense of health insurance companies. The German Hanfverband welcomes this development, which will be a genuine relief for those affected. Not only pain patients, but also many other affected patients, who suffer from sleep disorders, ADHD or depression, for example, can now receive prescription cannabis from the pharmacy in the future.

This step represents a milestone for all affected persons and the entire movement for the legalization of cannabis in Germany. After decades of ignorance against the suffering of patients in Germany the government finally has a look. However, this does not come from pure humanity. The government also wanted to prevent the right to self-cultivation of patients, which was awarded to them by an increasing number of German courts because of their emergency situation.

A new law makes it easier for young people to come to medical marijuana. Cannabis helps with numerous diseases such as asthma or ADHD.(Photo: AfricaStudio / fotolia.com)

Georg Wurth, Managing Director of the German Hemp Association, said: "The government has clearly stated that the law is designed to prevent self-cultivation by patients. For us this is not acceptable. The German Cannabis Association continues to demand the possibility for affected patients to cultivate their own cannabis. "

The reasons for self-cultivation are diverse
" Apart from the cost savings for the health insurance companies, the huge diversity of cannabis is also an issue. Some patients have positive experiences with a particular species and want to continue using them, "says Georg Wurth.

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Nothadestrost today is breaking a new era in Germany. In the next few years, the general picture, which is predominant in cannabis in Germany, will change dramatically. From the drug to the drug, from the devil's devil to the healing natural product, from the danger for young people to the blessing of the sick.

However, the managing director of the German hemp association still sees the need for clarification in society: "Especially in Southern Germany, people still have to get used to experiencing cannabis users in everyday life. The police will also have to be prepared to allow patients to consume cannabis in public. "

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