One third of the Germans suffer from an allergy

Allergic diseases increase massively across Germany
Almost one in three adults in Germany suffers from an allergy, according to one of the results of the study "Adult Health in Germany currently"( GEDA 2014/2015-EHIS) of the Robert Koch Institute( RKI).In addition to allergic diseases, the study also examined the prevalence of high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease and stroke. The data gained has been published by the RKI in the "Journal of Health Monitoring".

"The results of the GEDA 2014/2015 EHIS study show that, according to self-assessment, about one-third of adults aged 18 to 79 suffer from an allergic disease";reports the RKI.Although no specific inquiry was made into individual allergic diseases, there is a considerable overall disease potential in allergies. The same applies to the diseases also considered, such as hypertension, diabetes or coronary heart disease. Overall, "these diseases are of particular public health relevance," emphasizes RKI President Lothar H. Wieler.

allergies are a widespread complaint in Germany. About one third of adults are affected, according to the RKI.(Photo: Gerhard Seybert /

Massive increase in allergic diseases
This GEDA study not only made it clear that nearly one third of adults in this country suffer from allergic diseases, but also showed the temporal trend in the development of allergies. For example, according to the RKI for hay fever, there are data from three surveys since 1990/92 that have determined the prevalence of allergic rhinitis( hay fever) on the basis of a self-assessment. The studies show that the prevalence has almost doubled by 2008/11."Currently, about 12.3 million adults in Germany say they are affected by allergic rhinitis," says the RKI.

Survey of more than 23,000 people
The current study also confirmed known factors such as a higher frequency of allergies in women compared to men or an increased incidence of allergies in upper education. At 31.6 percent, women were significantly more affected than men at 24.5 percent. Most commonly, middle-aged adults( 30-64 years) from upper education suffer from allergies. The study was based on the data of 23,342 participants aged 18 years and over, who provided information on the presence of allergic diseases in the last twelve months( 12-month prevalence of allergies).

  • More than one in every six children is already allergic
  • One third of people are overweight
  • Two thirds of Germans are open to taking medicinal cannabis products
    30 million allergic patients in Germany
    "Since the 1970sthe allergy frequency has risen sharply in Germany "and" Estimates amount to a total of up to 30 million affected individuals, whose individual quality of life and performance can be severely impaired, "reports the RKI.Here, in addition to continuous allergy monitoring and further research into potential risk and protective factors, significantly increased efforts are needed for early diagnosis and appropriate care for allergy sufferers.

    Responding to Signs of Allergy
    Allergic diseases are chronic and, according to the RKI, are usually associated with a high need for care, significant loss of quality of life and impaired performance. Anyone who has symptoms of an allergy should therefore seek medical help at an early age. As an indication of an allergy, for example, "runny nose, sneezing attacks, burning and watery eyes, difficulty breathing to breathlessness or agonizing itching of the skin" known, the RKI.(fp)

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