Stroke already at 24 years - on the trail of an enigmatic disease

Recently, the death of musician Roger Cicero has shown in a shocking way that a stroke can not only hit old, sick people. It is not always the cause of a cerebral infarction in risk factors such as hypertension, overweight or smoking. Meike Mittmeyer Riehl, a 29-year-old from Muenster, has also had this painful experience. In March 2012 she breaks down with a half-sided paralysis after the tennis match. In the Darmstadt clinic the worst suspicion is confirmed: it is a stroke.

At the age of only 24 years, as a young, slim, sporty woman and convinced non-smoker - impossible! A splitting of the throat ducts - a so-called spontaneous dissection - has triggered the infarction: extremely rare, little research, but one of the most common causes of stroke in young patients without typical risk factors.

Meike Mittmeyer Meike Mittmeyer

Because none of their doctors can answer the urgent question of the "why", the journalist herself is on the trail of a mysterious illness and meets doctors and geneticists who are researching it. It is thought that the spontaneous dissection is associated with an incurable change in the connective tissue - which means that a brain-supplying vein can split again at any time and cause further strokes. In her hard-hitting search, the journalist has to conclude that modern medicine does not yet know any clear answers. The uncertainty and the desperate attempt to find an explanation are gradually throwing the young woman into a mental illness.

Only this hard setback forces them to deal really with what has happened. From this review, the book "Der Spalt: Wie mich - 24, schlank, sportlich, Nichtraucherin - das Schlag met" was created, which reveals the experiences of the past four years relentlessly and courageously. Their claim was not only to share their shocking history with others, but also to explain this rare cause of stroke in younger patients."I want to clean up the myth that a stroke can only affect old, sick people. Almost everyone, even a lot of doctors, as I know from other people, believe this, "says the author.

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"I myself am very lucky, because with me the rescue chain exemplaryhas worked: within a short time I was in the Darmstadt Stroke Unit and got blood thinning drugs. This has brought back hardly any lasting damage, "says MittmeyerRiehl."Unfortunately, not everyone affected is so lucky. That is why it is so important to know the symptoms and to act immediately - whether it is a child or a senior. "(Pm)

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