Court in Hanover condemns doctors to provide information on Samenspender

Samenspende is a "conscious contribution to the production of human life"
Hannover( jur).The Amtsgericht Hannover has condemned two reproductive practices to provide information on the origin of donor seeds. The 22-year-old applicant was entitled to knowledge of her biological father, the District Court ruled on Monday, 17 October 2016( ref.: 432 C 7640/15).On the grounds, it referred to the "social and ethical responsibility" of the donor, who had made a conscious and "decisive contribution to the production of human life".

Because of the infertility of her husband, the mother went to treatment in a reproductive medicine practice in 1993 and finally made artificial insemination. The donor came from a cooperating practice. In 1994 the daughter was born.

(Photo: Tatiana Shepeleva / Picture: Tatiana Shepeleva /

This is now to know who her biological father is. In agreement with her parents, she complained to the doctors.

Successfully: The young woman was entitled to information about the identity of the donor and on "insight into the relevant treatment documents," judged the district court Hanover. This results from the principle of good faith.

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The treaty concluded with the parents develops a "protective effect in favor of the child", the District Court explained. Its claim to information had priority over the right of the Samenspenders to self-determination."This is because the sperm donor has consciously contributed to the production of human life with a decisive contribution to the production of human life and has a social and ethical responsibility for this."

In 2013 the Oberlandesgericht( Higher Regional Court, Hamm)on the seed donor( judgment and JurAgentur report of 6 February 2013, ref.: I-14 U 7/12).In 2015 the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe also decided that a donor's child has information on his biological origin( judgment and JurAgentur report of 28 January 2015, ref.: XII ZR 201/13).According to this, the doctors can not normally rely on their duty of secrecy.mwo

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