Attention: Every 8 minutes a child is injured in these products

bedding and baby carriers often cause injury to small children
Small children under the age of three frequently injured themselves in the use of special bedding, strollers, baby carriers and carrying baskets. Researchers found that about every eight minutes in the US a child is injured by an accident involving such products.

Researchers at the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital found in an investigation that in the US, approximately 66,000 childhood injuries occur each year through the use of baby strollers, baby carriers, and baby carriers. Such injuries are increasing strongly in recent years. The experts published the results of their study in the journal "Pediatrics".

There are many injuries in the use of special products for toddlers. Especially with the use of baby bowls and children's bed linen, it can lead to accidents for small children and babies.(Image: Christian Müller /

An accident occurs every eight minutes

Physicians were surprised at how many injuries are caused by the use of infant products, says Tracy Mehan of the Nationwide Children's Hospital. Every eight minutes, an accident involving daily family-use products is very high, the expert adds. Although there is also an increasing awareness in parents for the symptoms, for example, in a concussion, says Mehan. However, this is no explanation for the increase in accidents in infants.

study analyzes emergency department data over a 20-year period
In order to determine how many children were injured in accidents involving infant products, researchers looked at data from emergency departments between 1991 and 2011. American experts estimate thatIn these two decades, 1,391,844 children under the age of 3 were injured by the use of infant products. And even this high number could be undervalued, Mehan adds. It is likely that the number is even higher, because children are not always admitted to an emergency room for injuries.

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What are the main causes of injury?
The main cause of detected injuries are products for infants and babies. Most injuries occur when children fall out or such products do not function properly, Mehan explains. The second most common cause of injury is bed linen. This could, for example, lead to injuries if children become involved. Another reason for injuries are mattresses. If mattresses are not the right size for cribs or cribs, the child can put his face between the mattress and the outside of the crib. Small children are not always able to raise their heads, says the doctor. The experts also recommend that in a baby crib no cuddly toys or blankets to lay while the baby is sleeping.

Use cribs with date of manufacture after 2011
In addition, the researchers recommend that parents use cribs made after 2011 only. From then on, safety standards have improved dramatically.

Always strap on in baby carriers
Make sure that your baby is always strapped into baby carriers. When parking the baby carrier or carrycot, be sure to keep such products as low as possible. So the bowl or the basket can not fall off the table or fall over, explain the experts.

Paying attention to product buybacks
Another big problem is that the message of product recalls often does not immediately reach the parents, says Mehan. About 80 percent of the recalled products would not be returned because the affected parents did not hear about their recall.

Before You Buy a Product
There are an overwhelming number and type of products on the market. Before you buy a new product, check with trusted organizations for the type of products that are safe and recommended, Mehan explains.(as)

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