Shock pictures: Smoking becomes a horror painting

The times when smoking had its status as a cultural practice are over. In the 1980s biology teachers warned the 16-year-olds with pictures of smoking legs before the consequences of the cigarette consumer and thus triggered mostly the pubertäre defiant reaction "first times to smoke".

Shock Images
If you want to enjoy your Bahman in Iran, look at a smoker's lungs, as well as the Tabakfreund in the USA.An EU directive will also come into effect on 20 May in Germany, which is supposed to deter smoking with the image of terror. Shock sequences show the consequences of nicotine in the blackest colors: smoking, amputated limbs or a rotten foot are joined to staged productions, for example of aged skin. The fact that babies of smokers degenerate, that makes smoking blind or makes cancer, the potential smoker now not only as in the text, but in as drastic pictures as possible.

Creep pictures show the dangers of smoking in the future. Scary images show the dangers of smoking in the future.

The EU Directive
The EU Anti-Advertising Directive requires that at least 65% of the front and back cover is filled with text and picture deterrents, with cigarette packs as well as with turntable and water pipe tabab. To increase the effect, the individual packs show different motifs.

In addition, tobacco advertising in the cinema can only run after 18.00 and also with films with FSK from 18. From 2020, advertising for tobacco products and e-cigarettes is generally prohibited.

More about the topic:
Smoking strengthens cancer complaints
  • Smoking reduces fertility in men
  • Shisha Smoking is unhealthy
  • Ingredients prohibited
    In the future, all additives that make tobacco taste better, add addiction or increase the toxic effect are prohibited. Fruit aromas are just as much a part as menthol cigarettes.

    Hazards of smoking
    Tobacco smoke contains almost 250 substances that are considered toxic, and almost 100 are said to cause cancer. The smoke passes through the lungs into the blood and thus into the whole organism. As a classic complaint from smokers, an inflamed and narrowed lung, which is mainly due to dyspnoea, is valid.

    Smoking should also harm potency, cause cardiovascular disease, reduce physical performance, and damage the child during pregnancy.

    Smoking causes lung cancer and promotes up to a quarter of all other cancer diseases. The carcinogenic substances in tobacco smoke not only cause lung carcinomas but also cancer in the larynx, esophagus, bladder, kidney, pancreas, stomach and cervix.

    Smokers not only die more frequently from lung cancer than non-smokers, but also more frequently from other forms of cancer.

    Every year, about three million people die from the effects of smoking, every third of them from lung cancer, strong smokers have a life expectancy of up to 20 years.

    Alcohol and Cigarettes
    Alcohol to the cigarette increases the cancer risk once again considerably. It dissolves the cancer-promoting substances in tobacco smoke and thus paves the way especially for carcinomas in the larynx, mouth and esophagus. The royal route, in order to contain cancer, would be to forgo alcohol and cigarettes;to leave one of the two left behind is already reducing the risk.

    Successful deterrence?
    Is anti-advertising with horror images successful?62% of the ex-smokers interviewed in Australia said the creep images had affected them to quit smoking.

    interviews among former smokers in Canada also showed that the manipulations strengthened their decision to quit smoking.

    Many active smokers, on the other hand, feel stigmatized as children and unstable addicts discriminate.

    Tobacco Industry Criticizes Authoritarian State
    Michael von Foerster, spokesman for the Association of the German Smoke Industry( VdR) says: "It must be concluded with an authoritarian health policy which defines socially undesirable behavior and then places it in the pillory and discriminates against consumers. Today it is against tobacco, tomorrow against alcohol, sugar, fats and cars. "(Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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