Tattoo Removal: What options exist?

Ways to eliminate old tattoos - Option of medical-aesthetic laser therapy
Goods Tattoos formerly socially outlawed and reserved for special populations( eg sailors, prisoners) are now widely accepted and found in all social strata. Even the lifelong attachment to a tattoo is no longer compulsory, because today there are different ways to make the tattoos disappear again. The laser treatment is the safest and most effective method, according to the current press release of the University Clinic Düsseldorf.

According to the University of Düsseldorf, modern medicine offers various possibilities for tattoo removal, whereby laser treatment is considered the most effective. With their help, unwanted body images can be completely eliminated. At the Department of Dermatology of the University Hospital of Düsseldorf, the procedure has been in operation for several years and will be the topic of the 25th anniversary of the German Dermatological Laser Society, which will be held at the Düsseldorf Dermatological Clinic.

As a method of tattoo removal, laser technology has proven particularly successful.(Picture: mkrberlin / Laser technology has proved to be a good method for tattoo removal.(Image: mkrberlin /

Many tattooed people want to get rid of their body images
Today tattoos are relatively popular and according to a recent study by the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung in co-operation with the Ruhr University Bochum( RUB) the proportion of the tattooed population was in Germanyin 2014 at 9.1 percent, according to the announcement of the University Hospital Düsseldorf. In the age group of the 25- to 34-year-olds, more than 20 per cent were tattooed, with the trend increasing. However, the study also made it clear that an estimated one-tenth of the tattooed tattooed in the course of life would like to remove or change the tattoo. According to data from the University Hospital Düsseldorf, not only beauty aspects play a role, but also difficulties with the tattoo colors can be the occasion. Once used in the skin, these allergies can trigger and sometimes the color contains tiny metal parts which can be heated up, for example, by magnetic resonance imaging( MRI) and can lead to burns in the patients.

Warning of alternative methods of tattoo removal
To eliminate the tattoos, the ultrasound, but very energetic laser light pulses in the nano or picosecond area are shot at the color pigments of the tattoos in the medical-aesthetic laser therapy ", explains Dr. Peter Arnegerber, senior physician of the Hautklink and head of the Lasermedizin department at the University Hospital of Düsseldorf. Thus, the tattoo pigment is divided into tiny parts by the laser, which can subsequently transport the human immune system. By this blasting effect, the color particles can be removed in ten to fifteen sessions, explained Gerber further. The Dusseldorf medical doctor urges not to try alternatives, such as the tattooing of the tattoos with lactic acid and other procedures, usually on the Internet. According to the authors, these are "an incalculable risk of scarring".(fp)

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