Surgeons warn of black ice: the penguin gear protects you from falling

Careful Waddling Can Prevent Accidents
Siberian cold, snow and ice: Winter is set to reach its peak this coming weekend. If you still have to get out, you should move very carefully. In order not to topple in the case of black ice, the German Society for Orthopedics and Traumatology( DGOU) recommends the "Penguin Gang".For those who like the South Pole living animals waddles, provides more stability while running.
Experts Expect Frosty Winter Weather
According to the weather experts, the coming weekend should be extremely cold and icy. It can quickly lead to falls and bad injuries. To prevent this, one should push on the advice of the German Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology( DGOU) outside best "extremely slowly and with small steps" across the floor.
Anyone who moves like a penguin in case of smoothness avoids falls and injuries.(Image: Roger /

The penguin is making an appearance
A role model here is the penguin, because typical for its gait is that the body's center of gravity is shifted over the front or leg, explain the experts of the DGOU in a currentMessage. The foot is placed with full sole and points slightly outwards.

As a result, the loaded leg is perpendicular to the floor and the body is slightly tilted forwards, providing more stability. If you are safer, the balance can be better kept on smooth roads and the danger of falling falls.

  • Surgeons warn of hospital germs
  • Honey protects against mucositis
  • Vegetable diet protects against kidney stones

Falls on head and hip are particularly dangerous
Snow and slipperiness regularly cause a lot of work for orthopedic and trauma surgeons, including fractures, Have to supply ligament stretches and wounds of fallen persons. Particularly dangerous are the message after falls on the head or on the hip, because in serious cases threaten a serious traumatic brain injury or a femoral neck fracture.

Older people should not take any risks
Data from the TraumaRegister DGU® would show that the number of seriously injured persons in the over-70s is greatly increased by falls."In winter, the gear uncertainty is exacerbated especially by older people. There are also delayed reflexes, "explains the head of the DGOU Prevention Section. Christopher Spering."In the event of a fall, old people can not catch themselves sufficiently and fall unchecked on the hard ground. Due to the often frail general condition, the injuries are then particularly difficult, "the expert continues.

Older, gangunsicher people should therefore take no unnecessary risk and stay with strong smoothness as possible at home, recommends the DGOU.
Shoe Spikes Provide Added Grip
The experts provide even more tips on how to provide extra safety on mirror-smooth roads:

  • Wear only shoes with a profile in winter. Anyone who has to wear elegant shoes on the job should wear them in the office first.
  • Use shoe spikes or non-slip soles that attach to your shoes quickly and easily.
  • Make a stop by hooking up with another person and clinging to house walls, railings, etc.
  • Do not ride your bike because the wheels will quickly slip off to one side when braking on a smooth surface.(nr)

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