Bayer pesticides may be called bee-hazardous from today

BUND may designate pesticides as bee-threatening
The Association for the Environment and Nature Protection Germany( BUND) may describe pesticides of the chemical and pharmaceutical group Bayer press reports as bee-hazardous. According to a news from the news agency dpa, the subsidiary Bayer CropScience was brought to justice against the environmental association. Now the dispute was settled. As reported by "", a Bayer spokesman told the Evangelical Press Service( epd) that the company renounced an appeal against a verdict of the Düsseldorf regional court.

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    Last year the BUND had a brochure with the title "Pesticide sales under constructionand garden markets - BUND-Einkaufscheck ".Environmentalists wanted to draw attention to the fact that sellers in garden and DIY stores would often mislead customers about the use of various weed and insect control products. With the Düsseldorf judgment, the BUND is now allowed to repeat the statement that two pesticide products produced by Bayer are dangerous for bees. The responsible judge, explained that the statement had a "factual core" and was covered by freedom of expression. In the meantime, the period of appeal ended with the judgment without the group appealing.

    Studies confirm damaging effects
    The dispute over two pesticide products with the neonikotinoid active substance thiacloprid, which has been assessed as hazardous in scientific studies, Nevertheless, Bayer is printing a logo with the imprint "non-bee-threatening" on the packaging of thiacloprid-containing products such as "pest-free Calypso" and "ornamental plant spray Lizetan".In the meantime, a study by the EASAC research group, which advises decision-makers at EU level, has confirmed that neonikotinoids harm honey bees and wild bees. This study also provided evidence of adverse effects on other organisms such as birds and butterflies. Scientists from the UK and France have found years ago in studies that pesticides are the cause of bee death.

    Bayer is to take products from the market
    "The bee-riskiness of the Bayer products with the neonikotinoid active substance Thiacloprid is scientifically proven. Bayer must immediately take them off the market. "This was demanded by BUND chairman Hubert Weiger."In order to protect bees and other living organisms, all pesticide manufacturers, as well as gardening and DIY stores, must immediately stop selling neonikotinoid-containing products. And Federal Chancellor Christian Schmidt has to instruct the competent German supervisory authority to withdraw the authorizations for these products. "

    Every 10th species of bees threatened with extinction
    In addition, the BUND chairman urged farmers and fruit growers to voluntarily abstain from pesticides from the neonikotinoids group. This is of particular importance in the beginning of spring during fruit blossoms, since thiacloprid is mainly used in rape and fruit growing. According to "", a study commissioned by the European Commission recently concluded that every tenth species of bees in Europe is threatened with extinction. EU Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella, responsible for the intensive farming and the use of insecticides and fertilizers. Climate change is also contributing to bee mortality. According to the EU, the EU wants to re-examine the impact of the controversial pesticides.

    Crucial role in the ecosystem
    The decline of the bee and bumblebee population has led to intensive discussions about causes and effects in recent years. The useful insects assume a crucial role in the ecosystem. They pollute billions of plants and ensure that they can bear or reproduce. Years ago, the United Nations( UNO) announced that the absence of bees could potentially trigger a global food crisis.(ad)

    The chemical and pharmaceutical group Bayer will not proceed against the federal government for the environment and nature protection Germany( BUND).The BUND had described pesticides of the company as bee-hazardous, whereupon Bayer wanted to ban this statement legally. The legal dispute was now settled.
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