BKK for Heilberufe: AOK says talks

BKK for Heilberufe: AOK Hamburg / Rhineland says talks


For the distressed BKK for Heilberufe dramatically the hopes of a quick rescue disappear. Had the AOK Hamburg / Rhineland still announced to enter into a merger under certain conditions, now also these talks have burst. The AOK chairman, Wilfried Jacobs, told the Rheinische Post that BKK Heilberufe is in an "extremely difficult situation".For this reason, no offer for a merger would be submitted to the fund. In the run-up, other potential partners had already jumped. While a cash register in the network of company health insurance funds( BKK) canceled after initial discussions on the merger, the BKK Group no longer agreed to ensure sufficient financial assistance.

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Closure of the BKK for Heilberufe unavoidable

The BKK for Heilberufe will now have the same fate as the already closed City BKK."We are now preparing for a closure," as the speaker's office, Ulrich Rosendahl, said. At the moment, there is still a hearing procedure before the Federal Insurance Office. The procedure will be completed by the end of October. If no partner has been found for a merger by 26 October, the supreme cash inspectorate will decide to terminate the BKK for Heilberufe. The cash register would have to close by the end of 2011.The remaining members would have to look for a new health insurance.

Currently, the majority of the 120,000 insured( 79,000 contributing members) of the BKK are loyal to health care professionals, says the Kassensprecher. If the BKK announces a closure for health care workers, in this case the insured must not terminate the insured. Only when the decision is official, will the health insurance company write to its members and draw attention to the closure."Then our customers in November and December have time to look for a new fund," the spokesman said.

But time could be short. As with the City BKK, many older and chronically ill patients are insured above average for BKK.The law states that all statutory health insurance funds are obliged to accept the new insured persons, but problems could arise again. At the time of the closure of the City BKK numerous health insurance companies had tried to take off new applications already on the phone. The reason: the health insurance companies feared a so-called boomrange effect, because they are afraid of a change in the membership structure. If there are few paying but many cost-intensive elderly and seriously ill people in a health insurance, the allocations of the health fund are no longer sufficient. If additional contributions are to be made, many more change their health insurance. The AOK Hamburg / Rheinland wants to set up a "special advisory service" so that the insured will not experience any problems with the change. This will be opened as soon as officially stating that "the BKK Heilberufe is closed," said Jacobs.

Future of employees still uncertain
The remaining 240 employees would also be affected by the closure. Depending on the number of members, the AOK wants to take over the employees. BKK Essanelle, a Düsseldorf-based company, also announced that it would be able to offer job offers. Here, too, one is guided by the actual number of insured persons.(sb)

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