Epilepsy: Strong increase in expenditure

Epilepsy: Significant Increase in Spending on Hospital Treatments: IKK Südwest informs about the day of epilepsy


On the occasion of the German Epilepsy Day on October 5, 2011, the IKK Südwest draws attention to the clinical picture of epilepsy. Epilepsy, which refers to dysfunctions of the brain, occurs when a patient has had at least two epileptic seizures spontaneously that have not been triggered by a previous identifiable cause.

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In a recent study, the IKK Southwest has found that in 2010 the number of cases dueof epilepsy had to be treated on an outpatient basis( 2008: 8474 cases, 2010: 8431 cases).There was a slight increase in hospital inpatient care( 2008: 778 cases, 2010: 863 cases).

Over the same period, inpatient treatment costs have risen sharply, from € 1.95 million in 2008 to € 2.93 m

illion in 2010. An inpatient epilepsy patient generated an average of around € 3400 in 2010.In 2008 it was still around 2500 euros.

As a result, per-capita expenditure climbed from € 4.76 in 2008 to € 6.40 in 2010( +34 percent).Michael Rock, Head of Unit Services, explains the increased expenditure mainly with the increase in so-called land base rates. These are decisive for the costing of hospital treatment: "The base rates in the Saarland and in Rhineland-Palatinate are highest in comparison to other federal states," he explains. Those affected can get support from the contact and information centers for self-help groups( KISS), in Hesse at Tel. 069/55 93 58, in Rhineland-Palatinate at Tel. 06 51/14 11 80 and in Saarland at Tel. 06 81/960 21 30. IKK Südwest, as a health insurer, financially supports self-help institutions in the context of self-help promotion.(pm)

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